Publish Govie

Publish menu #

To publish a govie, simply open the hamburger menu and select “Publish Govie” there.

In order for a sharelink to be generated, the govie must first be published. The sharelink then always shows exactly the published version, even if further changes are made in the govie later!

Embed in website #

A Govie can be easily integrated into an existing website. For this purpose, an iframe is used in which the finished Govie is displayed.

Properties of the IFrame #

Within the IFrame, various properties can be customized. There are parameters that affect the functionality of the govie and parameters that affect the design of the IFrame.

					<iframe width="100%" height="650px" loading="lazy" src="about:blank" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="" class="lazyload" data-src=";zoom=false&amp;mobileScroll=true"> </iframe>


A parameter can be appended to the link itself using the ? character (query string). By means of & additional parameters can be added.

controls – Show the navigation menu. (default=true)

zoom – To prevent zooming in the 3D scene so that the website does not zoom accidentally when scrolling. (default=true)

mobileScroll – The mobileScroll parameter can be set to true so that scrolling also works smoothly on mobile devices and the model is not inadvertently rotated. (default=false)




Via CSS the appearance of the IFrame can be controlled.

width – width of the IFrame

height – height of the IFrame

frameborder – border around the IFrame

allowfullscreen – if this attribute is set, the IFrame can be switched to full screen mode using the requestfullscreen() function

src="your govie"


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