Govie Editor

The easy way to start

First steps

Navigation in the finished Govie

Here we take a first look at a finished Govie. Navigation and controls are explained, and orientation in 3D space is shown.

The Govie Editor

In this tutorial, we’ll look at the heart of the platform. The Govie editor is used to create all 3D presentations. In addition to an overview of the different types of control panels, there is a step-by-step introduction to the various menus and their functions.

Govie Examples

Here you can try out the govies shown in the videos live.





Try out the Govie Editor features live in a Govie.

the online platform

Workspaces and projects

This tutorial provides an introduction to the different sections of the platform interface(dashboard). In particular, the workspaces and the Govie project view presented

Media Library

In the Media Library you can upload and organize your media files. This video introduces the different sections of the Media Library and the supported file formats.


Projects can be grouped with the help of workspaces. They also provide the ability to work in parallel in teams on all govies in the same workspace.

Workspace Übersicht
Govie Projekte Übersicht

Govie Projects

The Govie Projects view gives you an overview of all your previously created Govies within the current Workspace. The hamburger menu in the lower right corner of each project lets you view, share, publish, rename, duplicate, and delete the govie.

Media Library

In the media library you can manage the different files. Here you can upload video, audio, image and 3D models. In addition, here you have the option to delete the respective media file, rename it, or automatically add it to all Govies to exchange it for a newer version.

Mediathek Übersicht

Govie Types

Three different types of govies can be created using the described editors. Each type of Govie has its advantages and is suitable for a particular application.

The Cineastic Editor

A cinematic govie provides the best visual results and uses additional information from the 3D model. This allows animations to be played at the touch of a button or visibilities to be set.

The Technical Editor

Technical Govie is a version of the Govie Editor optimized for CAD data. In this video the details of the editor are presented and the differences to the previously shown Cineastic Viewer are discussed.

The Panorama Editor

The Panorama Editor allows you to create 360° presentations. Several panorama views can be integrated and linked. Thus, a virtual tour can be created.

Integrate 3D-model from libraries

Using keyword search, you can easily find 3D models you need for your topic on various platforms. These models can be easily inserted into any Govie.

3D-model from Sketchfab

This video shows the import of a 3D model from Sketchfab. In this way, 3D models can be inserted from any platform, such as Turbosquid or CG-Trader.

3D-model from GrabCAD

As in the previous video, this one explains how to integrate 3D models from the GrabCAD platform.

Provider for 3D-models

There are many sources for free and paid 3D models, some of the leading providers are mentioned here

GrabCAD is a platform for sharing design models. In addition to a variety of freely accessible CAD models, a 3D printing service is also offered.

Sketchfab is a platform for publishing, sharing, buying and selling 3D, VR and AR content.

TurboSquid is one of the largest web portals for distribution of 3D models for 3D computer graphics.

CGTrader is a cost-effective alternative to Turbosquid. In addition to a wide range of 3D models, the platform also offers access to freelancers and actively supports 3D artists in selling their models.

3Dsky is a platform that focuses mainly on architectural and interior models.

Integrate 3D-models from 3D-software

In order to use the full functionality of the Govie editor (Cineastic Govie) optimally, we recommend the GLTF or GLB format for 3D models. Here you will find detailed instructions for the use of various 3D software applications :

blender icon


Blender is the preferred 3D software for the Govie Editor, as an extension developed by our company makes it particularly easy to get started. In addition, Blender is accessible free of charge and can be installed and set up in just a few minutes.

3ds max icon

3D Studio Max

The export of GLTF / GLB files is done in 3D Studio Max using the Babylon plugin. This page describes how to install the plugin and perform the export process.

Cinema4D Icon

Cinema 4D

In addition to instructions on how to export in the gLTF standard, this guide describes which specific properties can be exported. Export settings are covered, as well as materials and animations.

Play Govies offline

Here you can download Govie Player, which allows you to play your created Govie offline.

Windows Installation

Govie Player is listed as a regular program on your computer and is automatically recognized for opening “.govie” files.

Windows Portable

You can run Govie Player as a portable version on any computer without installing anything.

Mac OS Installation

Govie Player is listed as a regular program on your computer and is automatically recognized for opening “.govie” files.

You can try Govie Editor unlimited in the free demo account.