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  • For Web Developers and 3D Artists

    Concentrate on your area of expertise, Govie will take care of the 3D programming.

  • Complex application without programming

    Govie Editor lets you create complex interactive web applications, without a line of code.

  • Expand customer base

    Expand your portfolio and win new clients with a wider range of products.

  • Reduce costs

    No need to hire a new developer. Save time on conception and arrangements and simply do the implementation yourself.

Agenturen Porsche EN
Architektur Key Visual EN 2


Communicate with the client directly at the object

  • Use CAD & IFC project data directly

    Use CAD data live on the web, for communication and daily reconciliations.

  • Scan data, 360° photos, GIS data & CAD planning

    Visualize data and explain relationships while avoiding expensive add-on plug-ins from scanner vendors.

  • Digital twin

    Replace paper operating instructions in cabinets and videos in file folders with contextual, 3D digital materials-

  • WebGL Raytraced Renderings

    Create renderings live and online for direct coordination with the client on perspective and lighting setup.


Making the complex simple

  • Explaining complex content in an understandable way

    Complex particle motion or the setup of a scanning electron microscope, no problem with Govie.

  • Innovation in marketing as well

    An innovative product deserves an innovative representation. Use video and interaction in one to persuade.

  • communicating on a new level

    Technical discussions, directly on the object and in dynamic detail.

  • share idea worldwide

    A Govie can be easily accessed via link and is therefore executable from anywhere and on any device.

  • From macro to microscopic

    The smallest ionized particles or blood particles can be accompanied on their journey in real time.

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Herz Visual DE


Digitization at school

  • Explain complex content clearly

    Introduction to complex topics - should be fun and descriptive. Too small, too big, too abstract - words and 2D images are often insufficient.

  • 3D & Digital Content

    Worksheets and frontal teaching are boring - (inter)active exploration with Govie motivates (self-study).

  • Catch up

    Instructional shortfalls, homeschooling & teacher shortages - Govie helps close the gap.

  • Understanding instead of memorizing

    Do not replace reading, arithmetic & thinking, but stimulate them!

  • As easy as with PowerPoint

    No previous experience with 3D and programming required!