Interactive hotspots #

Hotspots can be used as interactive jump labels to navigate through your Govie. They also serve as labels or to jump to external pages.

New hotspot #

Create a new hotspot by clicking + in the Hotspot menu.

A new menu appears, through which the identifier and the function of the hotspot can be defined.

In addition, a hotspot with the i symbol appears in the viewport. This hotspot can be positioned in two ways. When the hotspot is slid over a 3D object, it automatically adheres to the surface.

In addition, the hotspot can still be positioned by means of a small coordinate system. To do this, simply hover over the icon with the mouse and then continue on one of the 3 arrows. With click and drag the hotspot can now be moved along this axis.

Intercative jump marks #

Create a new hotspot and then select Go to Scene. Below that, you can then select a scene to jump to when the hotspot is clicked.

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