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Making the complex simple


See Govie in action

Here you can try out various applications yourself. Whether on a PC or mobile device, explore the interactive world of 3D presentation.

Why Govie

Our world is 3D - why explain it in 2D?

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  • Explain complex content clearly

    Introduction to complex topics - should be fun and descriptive. Too small, too big, too abstract - words and 2D images are often insufficient.

  • 3D & Digital Content

    Worksheets and frontal teaching are boring - (inter)active exploration with Govie motivates (self-study).

  • Catch up

    Instructional shortfalls, homeschooling & teacher shortages - Govie helps close the gap.

  • Understanding instead of memorizing

    Do not replace reading, arithmetic & thinking, but stimulate them!

  • As easy as with PowerPoint

    No previous experience with 3D and programming required!

Herz Visual DE

Govie format

3D learning materials with storytelling


Govie is a mix of game and movie.

Like in PowerPoint, you can create different slides with just a click. The viewer can interactively explore your presentation, or play it back like a conventional video.

The focus is on a 3D model, which is either self-created, downloaded from a 3D library or generated from CAD data.

Govie Editor

Create 3D presentations easily by yourself

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Govie Editor is an online software for everyone! With it, you can create 3D presentations by yourself without any programming skills. You can use the story mode by creating slides with a certain perspective and adding a lot of additional information such as images, texts, web links or videos. The 3D web presentation is generated automatically. Copy link, share and you’re done!

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Use of Govie

Communicate with the student directly on the object

The Govie format combines 3D, interactivity and a story mode. This enables a vivid presentation and a deep, self-directed insight into biological, technical, chemical and physical relationships.

  • Teasers to get started with complex topics

    On the digital whiteboard, on tablets or on the laptop at home via online portal.

  • Full-day workshops

    We show teachers and students how it's done and practice creating govies on your own using concrete topics - until you can walk yourself.

  • Self-study / homework

    3D presentation for self-study or homework simply send as a link.

  • Digital worksheets

    Replace analog worksheets with interactive 3D learning materials!

Let's go

entering the world of govie

You don’t have to create your first Govie on your own, we’ll help you do it!

Whether workshop in the class or with your colleagues, with our years of experience we will help you to be “on board” within 1h. For GTA, advanced training, etc. we will be happy to prepare a small offer.

You do not have 3D models, no problem, we give tips on our libraries.

There are different license models for Govie Editor with different functionality and authoring scope. When you register, you first get a free license.

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3D Libraries

where do i get my 3d models

3D models via keyword search easily via external platforms, such as




download These platforms include both free and paid models. You can find more information about the exact procedure as well as an overview of the providers on the

Tutorial page


You don’t have to create your first Govie on your own, we’ll help you do it! Write us and we will help you create your Govies.


A reliable partner

3DIT is a Dresden-based company that has been developing interactive 3D models for use in marketing, sales and service for over ten years.

Microchip ABC

The world of microelectronics

Germany is a high-tech country. Impressive examples of true cutting-edge technology and research can be found in virtually every major city. But knowledge about this too rarely finds its way into classrooms.

If you want to get children and young people excited about the technologies of tomorrow, you have to show them these technologies! This is precisely the aim of the microchip ABC project: We want to show young people what modern microelectronics means – comprehensively, in detail, authentically!

We want to give them a vivid idea of how fulfilling and exciting working with integrated circuits and electronic systems can be. We want to bring knowledge of modern microelectronics to schools in order to attract young people to careers in this industry.

The core of the microchip ABC project is a handbook designed to introduce young people from grade 8 onwards to modern microelectronics. It contains a good mix of first-class technology presentation and lively career and industry information. The manual is supplemented by a
further website
and an educational software.