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Govie Editor: The new tool for agencies.

From static data to to interactive, web-enabled 3D presentations.


3D models with the Bring Govie Editor to life on the web.

Govie is a mix of game and movie. Govie Editor makes it easy to create a 3D presentation online and send it via sharelink or embed it in a website within seconds.

Govie advantages

3D models with the Bring Govie Editor to life on the web.

  • Platform-independent

    Works with any operating system, on any device with any browser.

  • All in one

    Whether CAD, 3D models or 360° images, one online software for all data.

  • Reduce costs

    Use ready-made functions instead of funding expensive development.

  • No programming necessary

    Create interactive application without a line of code.

  • custom design

    By means of CSS the design can be adapted to all needs.

  • As easy as with PowerPoint

    No previous experience with 3D and programming required!

First Govie

Just another 3D-Viewer?

With a few clicks, Govie Editor lets you create interactive product presentations, all directly and online! Simply create a new slide, set the camera perspective and the autogenerated animation is ready to use.

More than 100 properties can be set for complex applications, and the design can also be freely customized using CSS.

What can Govie

Functions and Featuers

  • insert videos, images and text

    Use other 2D media to enrich the presentation of your 3D model with content.

  • Dynamic lighting

    Individual lighting can be made for each slide of a govie. Change background colors, sunlight, spotlights or swap the entire environment.

  • Interactive hotspots

    Hotspots can be used as interactive jump labels to navigate through your Govie. They also serve as labels, or to jump to external pages.

  • control animations in the 3D model

    Be the director and show your model as you want the viewer to see it in the end.

  • Set visibilities

    Hide components and show your users only the essentials.

  • Working with special effects

    Use effects like depth of field, outline drawing, bloom, or ambient shadows to add the finishing touch to your presentation.

Govie Editor

Create 3D presentations easily by yourself

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Govie Editor is an online software for everyone! With it, you can create 3D presentations by yourself without any programming skills. You can use the story mode by creating slides with a certain perspective and adding a lot of additional information such as images, texts, web links or videos. The 3D web presentation is generated automatically. Copy link, share and you’re done!

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See Govie in action

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