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Making the complex simple


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Here you can try out various applications yourself. Whether on a PC or mobile device, explore the interactive world of 3D presentation.

Why Govie

Next level online presentation

  • Explaining complex content in an understandable way

    Complex particle motion or the setup of a scanning electron microscope, no problem with Govie.

  • Innovation in marketing as well

    An innovative product deserves an innovative representation. Use video and interaction in one to persuade.

  • communicating on a new level

    Technical discussions, directly on the object and in dynamic detail.

  • share idea worldwide

    A Govie can be easily accessed via link and is therefore executable from anywhere and on any device.

  • From macro to microscopic

    The smallest ionized particles or blood particles can be accompanied on their journey in real time.

Govie format

3D communication with storytelling

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Govie is a mixture of game and movie. As in PowerPoint, different slides are created, which can later be explored interactively or played back like a conventional video. The focus is on a 3D model that has either been created by the user, downloaded from a 3D library or generated from CAD data.

  • insert videos, images and text

    Use other 2D media to enrich the presentation of your 3D model with content.

  • Dynamic lighting

    For each slide in a Govie, you can change the lighting and background colors. There are several environments to choose from, as well as a custom lighting using sun- or spotlights.

  • Interactive hotspots

    Hotspots can be used as interactive jump labels to navigate through your Govie. They also serve as labels or to jump to external pages.

Govie Editor

Create 3D presentations easily by yourself

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Govie Editor is an online software for everyone, which allows you to create 3D presentations yourself cheaply and quickly – completely without programming and CAD knowledge. You create the story mode by creating slides with certain 3D perspective and adding a lot of additional information such as images, texts, web links or videos. The 3D web presentation is generated automatically. Copy link, share and you’re done!



Always at hand in a mobile world

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Convey complex content simply and in a short time. Provide something to third parties in digital form on different channels so that your users can explore the technology themselves and thereby understand it better.

  • Website & Email

    A Govie can be easily sent or entered on the website, without plug-ins or additional software.

  • Booth

    Impress your customers and preset technical features in conversation that do not emerge from your physical exhibit.

  • Talks & Webinars

    Expert discussions via Zoom & Teams: Communicate directly on the object and in dynamic detail.

  • QR code in Papers & Posters

    Using a QR code, mobile device users come directly to the Interactive Govie.

  • Project Proposals & VC Discussions

    Get the point: Broker your USPs to non-professionals. Convince potential investors of your innovation.

Let's go

entering the world of govie

You don’t have to create your first Govie on your own, we’ll help you do it!

Whether conception, consulting or direct implementation, with our years of experience we help you to reach your goal quickly and efficiently.

You do not have 3D models, no problem, we reconstruct complex machines or processes using simple photos.

There are different license models for Govie Editor with different functionality. When you register, you automatically receive a free license.

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3D Libraries

where do i get my 3d models

3D models via keyword search easily via external platforms, such as




download These platforms include both free and paid models. You can find more information about the exact procedure as well as an overview of the providers on the

Tutorial page


You don’t have to create your first Govie on your own, we’ll help you do it! Write us and we will help you create your Govies.


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3DIT is a Dresden-based company that has been developing interactive 3D models for use in marketing, sales and service for over ten years.